Do you have questions about how to care for your home’s pipes,
    or where your water goes once it's down the drain?
    Become more environmentally conscious
    and better informed about the effect our lifestyles can have
    on the world around us.
    The best way to ensure that you are getting the highest
    quality water available is to educate yourself.
    We have lots of materials, information and activities
    available to help you, your family and your classmates
    learn more about how water works.
Water Websites

In addition to the resources you can find here on DrinkTap, below are links to other sites that have information and materials available to
help you learn more about water.*

  • Drinking Water Week is celebrated by the American Water Works Association and water providers all across North America during the first full week of May every year. Updated materials are available each January.
  • Water's Value AWWA and our partners at the Water Environment Federation have developed a suite of public outreach materials that are available free of charge. The materials, which can be downloaded below, help communicate the value of water and wastewater service and the need for infrastructure investment.
  • Free Classroom Lesson Plans from the American Water Works Association include presentations for elementary and high school children, along with lesson plans, handouts and a quiz to assess learning objectives. 
  • Aquapedia is an online water encyclopedia from the Water Education Foundation.
  • The Discovery Channel School offers STEM educational resources, including activities for water.
  • EPA's Environmental Education Center offers basic and clear information regarding drinking water and the environment.
  • EnviroScape® sells hands-on watershed education products that connect what we do on land to what happens in our rivers, lakes, oceans and groundwater.
  • Getwise.org is a conservation education program.
  • Kids Activity Bookis an educational kids activity book (English and Spanish), which includes a crossword puzzle, word scramble, Eye Spy, maze and a word find. Additionally, parts of the book can be used as coloring pages.
  • H2O for Life provides opportunities to young people to raise awareness about the water crisis to provide funds for water, sanitation and hygiene education for a partner school in a developing country.
  • Infrastructure Scavenger Hunt from the City of Arvada offers a fun opportunity to learn about important pieces of the infrastructure in any neighborhood.
  • Modern Castle offers conservation tips and resources to learn more about water. (AWWA does not necessarily endorse any products or product reviews found on the site.)
  • Project WET offers classroom-ready teaching aids for water resources awareness.
  • Savingwater.org is sponsored by the Saving Water Partnership, a group of local utilities that fund water conservation programs in Seattle and King County.
  • SAWS Education is provided by the San Antonio Water System.
  • The Water Page offers conservation tips for kids.
  • The Water Resources Education Initiative is the U.S. Geological Survey’s educational outreach program.
  • The USGS’s Water Science School is an interactive center focusing on many aspects of water.

If you know of a good water website, please let us know!
*Posting links to these websites does not imply endorsement of their products or services.