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The value of water – what does that mean?

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AWWA is excited to announce today that we are among 12 nonprofit and private water organizations participating in a new Value of Water Coalition that has just launched a campaign today to educate the public on the value of water. Needless to say, we are excited to be participating in this coalition because we know just how important safe and reliable water truly is to our everyday lives.

Take a few moments to think about what water means to you. Among other things, you use it to brush your teeth, to take a shower, to cook, and perhaps most importantly, you drink it. While it’s easy to reflect on the daily uses of water, it’s important to understand that the backbone to delivering this water and treating it for return to the environment is through its infrastructure. Solid water and wastewater systems are needed to sustain households and businesses because of the deliverance on this vital resource.

Our water infrastructure systems, which include drinking water, wastewater and storm water, are failing us. These systems have not accurately kept up with the demands of population growth and are aging due to time that has passed. Some water systems in the U.S. are close to 100 years old! Because of this, millions of gallons of water are wasted each year on leaks.

Our water infrastructure is in desperate need of repair and replacement, so investing in them is vital. AWWA estimates that to repair and expand just drinking water infrastructure in the U.S., it would cost $1 trillion over the next 25 years. Obviously, steps need to be taken to ensure our valuable infrastructure is protected.

We encourage you to visit the Value of Water Coalition to learn more about the vital role water plays in all our daily lives, and if you find some new information – please share it with your friends and family. Let’s start spreading the word!

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