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Avoid the hot tap water shortcut

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Avoid the hot tap water shortcut

We get it. In this fast-paced world, a few seconds here or there might be all you need to get dinner on the table on time. Finding shorter or more efficient ways to do things has become common. One shortcut we would advise against is using hot tap water to jumpstart your morning coffee or your evening's spaghetti.

Plain Talk About Drinking Water recommends using cold water for cooking or drinking because it is safer. Since your home's hot tap water is probably stored in a metal hot water heater, it may have tiny particles of rust, copper or even lead from your household plumbing. This is safe to use for cleaning or washing, but not safe for direct consumption.

Plain Talk advises using cold tap water and then heating it up either in the microwave or on the stove. "... hot water may contain impurities from the hot water heater and plumbing in your home. Before you draw it, let the cold water run for a couple of minutes if that tap has not been used for a while, overnight or all day, then heat the water in the microwave or on the stove. Catch the wasted water you flush out of the tap in a container and save it for plant watering as a conservation measure. Or better yet, collect fresh drinking or formula water after you have been using a lot of cold water, such as for washing clothes or lawn watering. This will have moved fresh water into your house and you will not have to waste more water to get good tap water."

So, while your coffee is brewing or your spaghetti water is coming to a boil, sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy a moment to yourself.

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