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Drinking Water Week presents opportunity to recognize your water is there when you need it

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Drinking Water Week presents opportunity to recognize your water is there when you need it

It’s Drinking Water Week! We are thrilled to celebrate virtually with so many people in and out of the water sector.

The theme for Drinking Water Week is “There When You Need It,” which has several different meanings.

One meaning is the reliability of tap water flowing from your faucet, on demand, when you need it for hydration, hygiene or health. While we’re talking about your tap water, isn’t it nice to be able to count on your tap water being healthy and refreshing to consume? Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, health officials throughout the world let us know our tap water was safe to consume and served a critical role in slowing the spread of the virus, if we washed our hands regularly.

The theme also speaks to the tireless, selfless work of water professionals across the country. They are called upon to perform preventive or corrective maintenance on any day of the week and sometimes even in adverse weather conditions.

Lastly, the theme speaks to the miles of infrastructure, often buried underground, reliably carrying our tap water from collection to consumption.

In recognition of the importance of everything just described, we’d like to celebrate Drinking Water Week with you. With health experts still recommending social distancing, most celebrations are virtual this year, so we have you covered. We have Drinking Water Week materials, including logos, graphics, social media posts and children’s activities available for free download. We are also hosting a photo contest with a $100 Amazon gift card prize.

That could make for a happy Drinking Water Week, indeed!

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