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How to keep the clogs out of your shave

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How to keep the clogs out of your shave

We all do it. Well, those of us that choose to shave in our sinks do. The truth is shaving in the sink will likely come at the expense of a clogged drain at some point.

There are some easy fixes you can try to reduce the chances of a clog.

  1. Don't fill the sink - Eventually, you'll pull the plug, leaving a trail of hair that is unable to keep up with the draining water. Instead, fill a mug or two with hot water. You can use one mug to clean off most of the shaving cream and hair and use the other to clean your blade more.
  2. Keep shaving cream out of your drain - As much as hair can clog your drain, so can shaving cream. The mug idea described above would keep hair and lather out of the drain.
  3. Prepare your sink - Take the extra step to cover your sink bowl with either a plastic bag or paper towels. You can even use a beard-trimming mat that attaches to your mirror. When you're done shaving, carefully clean all the shaved hair from your sink.
  4. Plug your drain - It seems nearly certain that some shaved hair will slip past everything and find its way down the drain. You can help keep those hairs out of your plumbing with a drain insert, like a sink shroom. As a bonus, you've now added a layer of protection against losing a wedding ring down the drain, too.
  5. Auger your drain - After each shave or even brushing your hair, some hair is likely to slip down the drain. Using a drain auger or a simple drain snake can help keep your plumbing clean. It is important to avoid using chemical drain cleaners (including baking soda and vinegar), as they can eat through pipes, creating bigger problems.

    A safer way to clean your drain would be to slowly pour dish detergent and hot water down the drain. Follow that up with your drain auger or simple snake. Also, running extra hot water can help melt and dilute shaving lather that may be lingering in your pipes.
  6. Shave frequently - More frequent shaving results in less hair on your face or body, which means there is less hair to slip down your drain.

And while you're at it, turn the water off when it's not in use.

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Photo by Artem Kniaz/Shutterstock.com

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