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According to a recent article posted on the website The Daily Meal, adding lemon to your daily water can benefit you in a few ways.
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Harvesting rainwater in Mexico City

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Isla Urbana, an environmental group in Mexico City, Mexico, is a big supporter of rainwater harvesting as a solution to the area's water problem.
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2015 is coming to a close

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It has been another great year for us here at DrinkTap.
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The Plain Talk Series - #43

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Today's question: Is water with chlorine in it safe to drink?
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Hotel challenge aims to ease water usage

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We just stumbled upon an interesting challenge that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has set-up for hotels through WaterSense®.
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In a recent New York Magazine article entitled "Is Any Water Better for You Than Tap?", various types of waters were examined, including good ol' tap water.
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Last week, we wrote about a houseboat that is in the works that will create its own energy and water, and now we are reading about a house that has already been built that is doing that too.
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Are we using too much water?

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New research that was recently published in the academic journal Science points out that the world's water usage is higher than what was previously thought.
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The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District in Cleveland, an American Water Works Association member, today posted a blog entry entitled "Star Wars sanitation: The flush awakens".
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World Toilet Day

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World Toilet Day is this week on Nov. 19.
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